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  Additional informations / Operation of ISPS code

From the 1st July 2004, The Maritime Administration Of St. Vincent And The Grenadines will set the security level to be maintained for all vessels flying its flag, at :

Any changes in this level will be advised to companies via e-mail., and posted on the web site.

It should be always bourne in mind that there may exist a conflict between safety and security when raising an alarm. In most situations a publicly broadcast alarm to other vessels and to MRCCs may remain the best method. However, the vessel may have need to send a secret, “silent” alert utilizing the ship security alert, to which no response will be sent. If the ship security alert device is utilized to send a “silent” message, it should be programmed to be addressed to :

the designated contact points of the Company Security Officer
other parties which the company may designate, such as an MRCC, or RSO.
the Maritime Administration on the contact point given below:


After the security incident has concluded a report should be made to the administration via normal contact points.

If a security incident has occurred which did not require the utilization of the Ship Security Alert device, a report should be made to :


In this case the subject header should be “Security Report”

When a vessel is approaching a port, the Company Security Officer should access the IMO web site to establish contact points for the port, and communicate with the PFSO to obtain any security related information, and to establish the security level in force in the port facility.

The CSO will inform the SSO of the contact details and the security level which is in place at the port. The SSO should take contact with the PFSO and confirm. If the security level at the port facility or the approaches to it is higher than that maintained by the vessel, the vessel will immediately put measures in place to match the security level of the port. On leaving the port, the vessel will return to the security level set by the administration.